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Basic printmaking YOU can do at home

I was so excited to try printmaking with our afternoon classes. It did not disappoint! We kept it very simple using just a few supplies. You can do this simple technique at home too. It's great for many different ages. As they get older, they'll be able to create prints to use as cards or wrapping paper or in other ways. But remember, it's really all about the magic of the process!

Fun fact: I once won an award for print making in high school! I just recently found the block with the design on it. I should probably try pulling a print from it again, all these years later. That will be for another post!

Here's how we tried it just last year.

We started with some flat trays, paint rollers and one color of tempera paint. Just lightly roll a layer of paint on the tray.

Then kids took q-tips and tooth picks and drew designs in that layer of paint. Anything works, and it's fun to see where the kids take their designs once they understand how the whole process works.

Next is the fun part! The kids will place paper over their designs very carefully. Then they will push down on the paper, all over every section of the paper. But they have to be very careful as they press down so the design won't move!

Then gently lift the paper up and look at the amazing print their design made! It was so fun to the see the looks on their faces once they saw the finished print.

Then you start all over! This process leads to having one of a kind prints as you start over with new paint each time.

We moved on to adding more than one color of paint and using different types of paper and shapes of paper. These very creative kids took the hearts I had available and turned them into 4-leaf clovers! Pretty smart!

What do you think? Does this seem like an easy enough project to try at home? I hope you will try it sometime! Ask me any questions you run into!

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