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Easter Basket Ideas

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

If you're like me, the Easter Bunny still has some shopping to do! So I thought I'd share a few ideas. The basket above would a great one for kids 3 & up--to even 4th or 5th grade. Great watercolor paper, my favorite watercolor palette, oil pastels, glitter glue, paint brushes & some air dry clay would keep your kids occupied for a long time. And it would all be a great addition to your art supply collection--these are some of my favorites for kids!

Links to each item:

Canson XL Watercolor Paper - My go to for classes & camps.

Ooly Lil' Watercolor Paint Pods - A great selection of bright colors.

Cray Pas Oil Pastels - So fun for kids to use with watercolor paints!

Model Magic - The best air dry clay & you can paint it with watercolors before the clay dries!

Colorful paint brushes & glitter glue

Another fun idea is a music & art basket for toddlers-preschool.

This basket includes:

Lollipop drum - the most fought for instrument, no joke!

Colorful xylophone - with a really pretty sound (key!) & a handle

Spray bottle - just because littles love using them!

Heavy duty construction paper

Kwik stix - a favorite easy, low mess painting option

Another fun idea would be a ukulele! This one is super durable because it's plastic & waterproof--it's a real instrument, not a toy. It also glows in the dark, so what could be more fun than that?!

What else would you add?

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