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Fun ways to play with balloons!

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Balloons are so fun! Kids of just about any age love playing with balloons--really! Whether it's the littlest ones discovering the magic of a helium-filled balloon, kids a little older loving to throw & catch them, or elementary kids painting balloons & finally learning to blow them up...there is just so much you can do with balloons. And we haven't even mentioned water balloons!

I have loved learning how to make balloon arches & other displays over the past couple years. There are some really simple things you can do to add some joy to your celebrations if you have the time. Maybe that should be an upcoming post?

Here are a few ideas that kids love when it come to playing with balloons!

My favorite is one we did for our little one at Christmas when I felt like we needed just one more fun present. We filled up a box with balloons and wrapped it like a regular present. Needless to say this was the favorite gift that morning!

Freeze Dance: Add a fun twist to a favorite song by incorporating holding a balloon or two.

Pool Noodle Fun: Use a pool noodle to bat a balloon across the yard

Paint Balloons: Use tempera paint & a soft brush to paint balloons. (Use washable paint of course--this one can get messy! For washable paints I like THIS OPTION & THIS OPTION.)

Paint WITH Balloons: So fun for the littles. Use regular balloons or water balloons as paint brushes/stampers. Put out a large piece of paper & a paper plate with paint on it. Let kids dip balloons in paint & spread it on the paper. Or dipping the water balloons into paint & rolling them along the paper is super fun too!

Balloon Sculptures: Blow up different shapes & sizes & let kids make a sculpture or tower out of them. Tear off pieces of masking tape ahead of time & let the kids tape the balloons together.

Baking Soda & Vinegar Trick: This one is for the big kids. Pour vinegar into an old bottle. Fill balloon with baking soda. Carefully place the opening of the balloon over the mouth of the bottle. Quickly drop the baking sod into the bottle & watch the balloon inflate!

Hope those are some fun ideas for you! Which one will you try this spring?

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